What was the last thing you posted online? Maybe it was an Instagram post of your lunch or your cute dog. Whatever it is that you posted, how much of it was actually “real?” Think back to how long it took your dog to actually sit still to take a decent picture and then how many VSCO filters you searched through. Or how you had to awkwardly hover above your perfectly positioned meal to get that picture. Then you ended up throwing half of it away because you took up your lunch break trying to capture that moment for the internet to see. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. It is a cool concept to share things and contact friends, family, people you met at that camp two summers ago… But most of it isn’t real.


Sometimes I post a picture of our trendy little apartment but forget to include the reality that accompanies living in a tiny apartment with a large person. For example, this is my “real” kitchen with a cute little succulent and various doodads. My reality is a huge pile of clean dishes I am too lazy to put away tonight.


This is my “real” bathroom with some of my favorite beauty products and eucalyptus leaves falling down because eucalyptus showers are amazing. The second picture is my reality with piles of clothes on the ground and mismatched towels (because we did not receive one set of matching bath towels).


This is my “real” nightstand with a hipster little lamp, my favorite book, my little plant, oils, and a strategically selected filter. Just next to my nightstand is our messy bedroom with an unmade bed (cringe) and a doorway leading to the mess that is to our closet.


Everyone uses filters. If we don’t use filters online we use them in conversations. When someone asks us how we are doing, are we really always good? Or sometimes we try to use filters with God. We seek God by opening our Bibles only to skim a few pages and check it off our to-do list. Or we pray for the people we were told we would pray for with the words we were taught to say but never really have a conversation. It’s like knowing we need to call our Father but hoping it goes straight to voicemail.

I have days where I want to hide behind filters. I have days where I post about my awesome life and cry over my fear of the future five minutes later. I have days where I post pictures of me and my husband but neglect to have a genuine conversation with him when I get home. I have days where I want to go through the motions, but my God is bigger than my stubborness. My God is bigger than my desperate desire to seem alright.

We can’t use filters with God because he sees through them.

And God doesn’t think any less of us when we use them. He doesn’t stop pursuing us simply because we think we can get by without him. I lift my eyes up, where does my help come from? It doesn’t come from anything I can pretend I achieved on my own. Regardless, we should try to take a more raw, unfiltered, approach to our faith and life in general. God didn’t filter when he had to send HIS ONLY SON to slowly bleed out on a cross. If you don’t believe me go read Luke 23 (seriously, go do it) (if you don’t have a Bible, google it) (no excuses here guys).

And because of the great love that God expressed through that painful reality, we can live freely and confidently through faith in Jesus. That is beautiful, unfiltered grace. He can use our messy reality to show that Christians don’t have to have it all together all the time. God intricately designed every part of who we are for a purpose. Why would we ever filter that?

” For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”

I pray that you are given the confidence to embrace your imperfections and shortcomings because God doesn’t see them as that. He uses our imperfections for HIS GLORY.




Thanks for taking the time to read everyone! Sorry it has taken me forever to get a post up. Life kind of has a way of getting ahead of you when you get married, move, and start a new job right before Christmas. I am planning on getting back to writing more often again. What would y’all like to hear about? I considered doing a beauty routine post or a wedding post. Let me know! If you have any prayer requests/comments/whatever feel free to contact me.

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