A Time for Everything

Ecclesiastes was written by a man named Solomon when he was super old. I don’t mean old in a rude way I mean old as in wise. The older you get the wiser you get. Well ironically enough Ecclesiastes is my favorite book in the Bible. I say that ironically because it seems like this past year has been based off of chapter three. A Time for Everything.

The first Bible study I ever did was on this chapter. You may be thinking “But Jordan, why was it not the book of John?” Well I shall tell you hypothetical person! I really loved the movie “Footloose” and that is the one Bible verse mentioned in that whole movie. So there it is, but that is not the point. The point is that book is incredibly humbling, depressing, encouraging, and challenging all at once. That is what this year has been, I have learned what a time for everything really means.

Since last February I have graduated high school, started working in ministry, traveled across the world, started working out, lost a childhood friend, got a tattoo, moved out, moved back in, got a second job, started dating the most amazing man in my life (besides Jesus), gained friends, lost my dog, lost my Nana, lost sleep, played an obscene amount of Pokemon Go, started budgeting money, started hardcore adulting, and so many more things to make this run-on sentence even more unbearable for you Grammar Nazis. This whole year has been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least.

Sometimes it is so easy to just think “ok God I get it…no really I do. It’s really fine I understand. Yeah I get your point…No seriously I do! OK GOD I SEE WHAT YOU ARE TEACHING ME!” But these struggles are just a season. And to be completely honest sometimes seasons absolutely suck. As a Christian it is easy to see someone struggling and merely say “Well this is just a season!” I understand that this is “just a season” but what can I do to get through it? Do you really care to stick around long enough for me to get through this? Are you truly my friend? Real friends actually invest time and help each other when they see someone going through a hard time. It is so simple to just write people off, the hard thing is genuinely loving someone enough to help.

I think that is what has helped me so much in the past year. Jesus is reason number one. He is my constant inspiration for overcoming obstacles and composedly facing new struggles. If he can overcome death I can overcome finding my old SAT scores. If he was crucified for undeserving sinners then I can definitely be patient to my friend who forgot to reply. And the second reason is people who have eyes like God (not in the cool omnipotent kind of way but in the loving way). People who have the eyes to see me where I am at and love me. In God’s eyes we are all valued and loved. That is the way we should treat every human being. And unfortunately not everyone shows love like that, including me. But the few people who have loved me enough to give me advice, build me up, pray with me, and stay with me do have that kind of love.

And at the end of the day there is a time for everything. Yes it is okay to be sad. It is also okay to be stressed out. It is okay to throw in the towel sometimes. It is also okay to cry, sometimes a lot. Look at Job, he and his friends sat on the ground and didn’t speak for 7 days and 7 nights (Job 4:11-13). I am not saying we should do this but you get the point. I have learned it is okay to get upset. But it is not okay to keep that pain inside and stay that way. Because just like there is a time to mourn, tear, and hate there is a time to dance, mend, and love. So while it can be easy to mope around there is no need to keep that up. I live an incredibly amazing life because I am liberated through Christ. And there are so many more things to be joyful about than to be mournful about.

My Joy comes from the Lord! God is the only constant thing we have. The biggest lesson I have learned in this past season is life moves faster than we ever could dream. And sometimes we have to lose. But God moves faster than time because He created it. I don’t need to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow already belongs to God.

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