(Trying to) Love like Jesus

It’s crazy to think that God sent His son to die a terrible death for us. Not just the “good people” who deserve it. Us includes people who turn against God. It also includes people who know God’s commands and continually ignore them. And people who think they can figure out everything just fine on their own. I fall into each and every one of those categories of “us”. No one can ever deserve the love God had when he sent Jesus to die for us. But that does not mean that we shouldn’t try to love others that way.

Imagine how drastically different the world would be if we all just had a little more grace. Think about a more loving and forgiving work environment. Or perhaps a more patient professor. No, I’m not saying if people had more grace it would be okay for you to turn in that paper four weeks past due (unless your teacher is amazing). I’m referring to having more love for people because thats the way God loves them.

A perfect example is my daily workplace. I work in a relatively well-known coffee shop that really likes mermaids. Every morning I see people from all walks of life. I interact with easily hundreds of different people within just the first few hours of my morning. That also means I am able to positively or negatively impact their lives at the beginning of each day. Just because I am stressed or haven’t had my caffeine yet it is not it okay for me to be rude. I can reflect Christ to some people who probably have not ever stepped foot in a church. Or I can do the opposite, which sometimes is a lot easier.

I can show God’s love by being patient to the man throwing a temper tantrum over his soy latte. Or not getting upset at the woman who is talking on the phone while I have to decipher her complicated drink order. Walking life with the goal of showing others who Christ is definitely is a choice. And I certainly have not mastered that yet. I still roll my eyes sometimes. I still get stressed out about little things and take them out on the people who have nothing to do with it. I still fall short of the standard that Jesus set for me.  It is an impossible standard to reach because the reality is.. I am not Jesus. Sometimes I just have to swallow my pride, my anger, and everything else that isn’t who Jesus is and LOVE.

But if I live my life trying and stumbling and trying and trying some more I could impact someone someday. The number of people is completely irrelevant.  I pray that I am able to show even just an inkling of God’s Love to people. Sometimes it is difficult to love everyone the way God calls us to solely because everyone means EVERYONE. But you never know when someone might need it. And who am I to deny them that love when God chooses to love a broken sinner like me?

But my help comes from The Lord. The Spirit of the Lord of the whole universe lives within me. Yes, sometimes it is easy to feel frustrated with life or people or literally everything. But you can always take a second and think about what amazing power is within you and Who that power comes from. Then suddenly the big problems don’t seem too big. Thinking about who God is and what he has done for us should motivate and push you to show other people that love too.



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